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Best CCTV Dealer In Kolkata

With the ever-increasing crimes in the city, the idea of  CCTV comes into action. To which the name Logix System,  is the most demanding CCTV dealers in Kolkata for the security arrangement, Monitoring and is resolved to give creative secured answers for our clients. Our point of giving the best security agreement that spares the life of our customer, as well as help in averting crime. Well, in the process, we likewise commit a support to our general public. Our dedication is to be guaranteed the public security for every one of you with the goal that you have a complete peace of mind. Our aim is to give the best surveillance system that protects the life of our customer, as well as helps in avoiding law violations. And in the process, we are additionally conferring a support to the general public.

Why Choose Logix System As A Dealer:

  • Monitor Video  locally or at a distant.
  • See through a single screen or maximum 64 views.
  • Unlimited viewing layout with multiple monitor support.
  • Decrease costs with Active Directory and LDAP.
  • Easy Installation & supports all Cameras.
  • User -friendly software.
  • Maintenance free & auto diagnostic features.
  • 24 Hour Helpline & Support.




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